WordPress Themes based on Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap is becoming more and more popular and designers are using it as a base to start building new responsive WordPress themes. I’ve run across a few of them now so I decided to round up the current Bootstrap + WordPress themes out there. I cover barebones themes meant for designers as well as ones that are now “premium themes” ready to be used on a live site. If you want to know more about why I and others love Bootstrap, check out 8-bit’s and Joel‘s and DevBliss‘s posts. Also check out 20 Bootstrap Resources from Design Shack – it includes a lot of helpful tools to help you customize Bootstrap.

Barebones Starter Themes

1. Bootstrap WP by Rachel Baker

Demo Rachel, creator of Baked WP (which is a tool that helps you create lightweight starter themes) has created a github project to help people launch sites in record time using a Boostrap and WordPress theme base.

2. WordPress Bootstrap by 320 Press

Demo 320 Press has created barebones themes based on both Zurb’s Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap, my currently favorite two responsive frameworks that have now been adapted to WordPress.

4. A Few Others

There are a number of other versions that are similar to the 2 above so I’ll just list them out here for simplicity’s sake

  • Roots Theme  is based on Twitter Bootstrap and is hnews microformat ready (though I don’t like how they modify the default WP file structure).
  • Bootstrap for WordPress by iubenda (the makers of a pretty cool tool for creating privacy policies).
  • This WordPress / Bootstrap tutorial is a beginner’s guide on integrating the tw0 – it also includes a download link towards the end to download the theme that’s a result of the tutorial.

Note: if you just want the CSS, javascript, shortcode functions of Bootsrap and want to use it with your own existing theme, you can download this plugin.

Fully Developed Themes based on Bootstrap

1. Reboot Theme

Demo I’ve covered Reboot here.

2. Fuel Theme

Demo This theme comes with a bit of a warning since it’s not super-optimized for devices that are not the iphone, ipad, and standard laptops and desktops. I’m assuming that means Android devices. Caveat emptor, I suppose. (It’s still a sexy and functional theme).

3. Exotico Theme

Demo I don’t know who still uses Cufon fonts anymore, but hey – they have a nice hat icon so that makes up for it I guess.

4. CrossRoad

Demo Reminiscent of Pinterest’s red and tan color scheme, CrossRoad is a beautifully designed theme with lots of built-in widgets. The theme includes schema.org microdata integration, which can help SEO and click-through rates.

5. Newsportal Magazine Theme

Nesia responsive magazine theme Demo Great for sites with a lot of content or anyone looking for a responsive magazine layout, Nesia is a pretty extensive. While I don’t usually like magazine themes (they can get very busy), Nesia is an exception, especially since it’s still a very readable theme and does not overly rely on small unreadable text for aesthetics (like so many other Themeforest themes).

6. Spark

Demo Spark has a light and airy minimal feel with lots of whitespace and a full-screen background slideshow feature.

7. Zen

Demo Zen is a dark-accent theme with 7 color variations and 7 different built-in plugins.

8. Justi

Justi minimal theme Demo Justi is a clean & minimal portfolio website template.

9. Mentor

Demo A pretty standard business-style template with lots of stock photos of business people as placeholders. Forgiving that, it’s a decent theme.

10. InStyle

Demo Reminiscent of a Tumblr layout, this theme is well suited for more informal sites.

More from ThemeForest

As of this writing there are 32 themes available on Themeforest that use the Bootstrap Framework. The button below takes you to a search that shows you all the themes sorted by “highest rated”… View all Themes based on Bootstrap

Drag & Drop Bootstrap Theme: PageLines

Pagelines is a “drag and drop” WP theme framework (similar to Thesis 2 and Headway) that’s based on Twitter Bootstrap. It’s different from the themes above in that it’s meant to give you control over designing your site via a visual drag and drop interface. I haven’t tested this out myself yet, but it looks like a very solid framework for designing with WordPress + Bootstrap. Here’s a video showing off the features of PageLines:

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