2 Thesis 2 Responsive Themes (Skins) Worth Checking out

Once upon a time in the WordPress world, Thesis was the theme to get and was widely touted as the best premium theme framework around. Unfortunately when Thesis 2 launched in October of 2012, it was a big disappointment to a lot of people. While a lot of loyalists stayed and learned the new interface, many switched to competing frameworks like GenesisHeadway and PageLines.

Back in the day Thesis also used to have a good number of skin developers (a “skin” is basically a child theme if you come from the non-Thesis WordPress world). These days I see a lot fewer people developing skins for Thesis version 2.

One area where DIY Themes (the creators of Thesis) has inexplicably fallen short is in keeping up with the responsive design trend. Even the homepage of their own site is still static. Not surprisingly, there are also very few responsive skins available for it.

Since a lot of people out there still ended up buying (or upgrading to) Thesis 2 despite its flaws, I wanted to compile a good list of responsive themes available for the framework. As it is – I can only point to 2 real contenders here – and don’t get me wrong – they’re quality themes. (I just wouldn’t recommend the investment if you don’t already have Thesis 2 as it will cost you between $154 and $376 total to buy both Thesis and the skin for it).

1.  Grind Responsive Skin – $99

Grind Thesis 2 Theme

This Thesis 2 skin is probably the best looking skin I’ve seen in the tiny pool of responsive options out there. It actually looks modern, offers a nice full-width slider, and is a good option especially for portfolio or business type sites.

2. Marketer’s Delight 3 Responsive Skin – $67

Marketer's Delight 3 Skin for Thesis 2

This skin is a bit less design-minded and more marketing-focused, but still holds its own in the looks department and stands out above the other designs available.

Wish there was more – but if you want to use Thesis 2 and have a good looking site and not pay for a custom design and have your site be responsive, you’ll have to go with one of the 2 above.

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