The Best & Newest Responsive WordPress 3.5 Themes

WordPress 3.5 was just released yesterday  with a whole slew of improvements and updates. The biggest change seems to be an update to the media uploader. WP Snippets and OnExtraPixel have put together some good coverage rundowns of the changes.

Here are two of the major updates:

1. New Media Management Interface – WP has a new (and much improved) media uploader.

2. You can now embed Instagram, Soundcloud, and Soundshare into your posts as easily as YouTube (and previously supported media). This is pretty cool since it only requires a URL and WordPress does all the rest.

New WordPress 3.5 Media Manager  wp-3-5-embed-support

New WordPress 3.5 Themes

1. Twenty Twelve

This is the new core theme and sports a minimalist look as well as a fully responsive design.

2012 Theme for WP 3.5

2. ALL (Responsive) Elegant Themes

I emailed support at Elegant Themes and asked them if they had tested all their responsive themes for compatibility and they confirmed that their themes are good to go with WordPress 3.5

“We have recently updated all of our themes and plugins to be compatible with WordPress 3.5. They have all been tested and are working properly. Make sure you are using the latest version of the theme.”

3. New Themeforest Themes

You can view all themes that mention being compatible with WordPress 3.5 on Themeforest by running this search. I’ve compiled a few of my favorites below that have been tested to work with WordPress 3.5 and are some of the newest themes available right now:



Kolor WordPress 3.5 Theme


Wordblab WordPress 3.5 Theme


Daedra WordPress 3.5 Theme

Savior Theme

Savior WordPress 3.5 Theme


4. All Genesis 1.9 Themes 

Genesis themes for WP 3.5

According to the creators of the popular Genesis theme, version 1.9 of Genesis will coincide with the launch of WordPress 3.5 and be fully compatible with v3.5 when it launches.


Since WP 3.5 just launched, I only have the official theme and the themes above confirmed to be compatible with WP3.5 posted above. If you know of a good theme and are certain that it’s fully compatible with WordPress 3.5 leave a message below and I’ll start adding new ones to this list.

Note: I believe that most of the themes that have been compatible with 3.4.2 should be supported  with 3.5 since there aren’t too many updates to the core that would mess up the existing (relatively modern) themes. But it’s always a good idea to check first.

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