7 Good WordPress Themes for iPhone App Websites

Since I’m getting ready to launch an iPhone app I decided to look into some good WordPress themes for app-based websites specifically.

I spent some time looking around and here are the best ones I could find that should make building a website for an app that much easier. (Click on the images below to see the live demo of each theme).

1. Grizzly Theme (Responsive) – $40 – My Favorite!

One of the most robust WordPress themes for iPhone, iPad, Android apps is Grizzy. It features a bunch of innovative options including embedding QR codes, iTunes, Amazon App Store, Google Play button integration, and more. It’s one of the best looking responsive themes out there.

2. Appify (Responsive) – $49

Appify is a left-justified app theme that does become responsive once you resize the window. They practice what they preach.

3. iPhone App Theme from Templatic (Not Responsive)

This one is not as visually striking but fairly straightforward for showcasing an iPhone app.

4. Launch Theme (Responsive) – $35

A very simple theme (perhaps a bit too much so) for displaying your app.

5. AppView Theme (Non-responsive) – $40

A pretty attractive theme with plenty of features including shortcodes and pricing table support.

6. Intuition Theme (Responsive) – $45

A touch and swipe enabled responsive theme.

7. My App Theme (Responsive-ish) – $45

A semi-responsive theme. By that I mean it adapts to what I can guess is iphone resolution but it doesn’t seem fluid enough to accomodate other scenarios / resolutions that are in between the small and wide (elements get cut off). Might want to test this one yourself.

So there you have it. You can really make any WordPress theme into a showcase for an app, however the ones above might save you some time and effort when building your own app site.


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