Aroxis Thesis Skin Wordpress Theme


Aroxis is one of very few Thesis skins that are currently available that’s both responsive and professional-looking. As a matter of fact it’s one of the best looking Thesis skins out there – and the fact that it’s responsive makes it one of the best options available.

While Thesis gives you some options on how to make your Thesis theme responsive if you want to design a child theme yourself, Aroxis includes an out-of-the-box look that makes your blog (or website) seem a lot more professional with very little work.

Reactiv is the other beautiful - and responsive – theme available for Thesis so check that one out too.

In order to use this theme you will need the Thesis framework already installed on your blog. You can get that here. Added: It currently ONLY works with Thesis 1.8. (Thesis 2 has gotten some mixed reviews so I’d think twice about buying it unless you already have a license).

A few of the notable options for Aroxis:

  • Very clear readable fonts and typography
  • Built-in Email Opt-In form
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