Buttercream Wordpress Theme


This is a rare combination for a WordPress theme. It has all these things going for it:

  • Responsive + Cute + Girly + Free

I found this theme thanks to a post by Tom Ewer.

There’s a severe shortage of great looking WordPress themes for girls, especially in the premium themes market. There’s a shop that started making feminine themes last year (I don’t remember the name) but they were lacking the polish that I’d expect from a professional shop.

Actually there’s tons of free “girl” focused themes out there on sites like these┬ábut I would stay far far away from them since they often have hidden and malicious code in them.

Buttercream, though – is a great looking theme that appeals to the more feminine side – is safe to download – and is fully responsive. Click the demo link and see how the header changes when you shrink the browser.

It’s not a full-featured theme (like most free themes) which can often be a good thing if you like customizing themes yourself.

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Buttercream, reviewed by Max on 2012-09-11T20:25:06+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5
Theme Author: Caroline Moore