Frank Wordpress Theme


The best features of Frank’s WordPress theme are:

  1. Speed
  2. How uncomplicated it is

I used this theme on (which has since moved here) to demonstrate how fast a site can be (especially when it runs on WP Engine).

It’s a free open sourced theme that’s adaptable, minimalistic, and simple.

According to its author:

Frank’s main focus is speed. The parent theme’s default home page makes 9 database queries and consists of 2 requests weighing ~29Kb (9.6Kb gzipped). Frank keeps it basic—no Javascript frameworks, no unecessary images, just a simple, no-frills, screaming fast blog.

The theme fits well on your iphone. It’s  not the prettiest and most detailed theme around, but it still holds its own in looks, especially considering how it’s primarily built for speed.

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Theme Author: Some Random Dude