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Warning: Currently this theme is only compatible with Thesis 1.x and NOT Thesis 2.0+. If you’re looking for a responsive skin for Thesis 2.0, check out theĀ Grind Theme which is Thesis 2.0+ compatible or check out this post.

Thesis from DIY Themes is currently was one of the fastest, most efficient, SEO (search engine optimized) premium themes out there. (Update Nov, 2012: while it still performs well on the front end, Thesis 2 is much more of a mess on the backend than 1.8 was. If you already have a Thesis license, I’d recommend 1.8 + this theme, else go with a different theme/framework).

One major problem that has been plaguing Thesis, though – is that a lot of the child themes – or “skins” as Thesis calls it – are just plain ugly.

And if you’re looking for a responsive Thesis skin (child theme), forget about it. You have very few choices. Enter Reactiv.

Reactiv is one of the best looking Thesis skins out there – and it’s responsive! Take it for a test spin (click the demo button above) and see for yourself.

To run Reactiv you will need Thesis already installed. If you don’t already have a license, I would just go with another theme. There have been many complaints about Thesis 2 so I can’t in good conscience recommend it.

Additional Reactiv Features:

  • optimized for iPhone and iPad along with desktops & laptops
  • Color schemes: default, green, red, blue, brown, plain dark
  • Slider with captions (optional)
  • Landing page template
  • Portfolio options
  • PSD file includes
  • Muli-browser tested
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