Best wordpress security plugins

If you’re in the market for a new security plugin, you’ve probably already heard the words “better WordPress security,” but what does that actually mean?

It doesn’t mean that your WordPress site is more secure than it was before. It means your site is more secure than it was with plugins that did not have any security at all.

Would you rather have a website with no security at all or a website with a plugin that has great security? You need to think about this in terms of real-world value. Do you want to spend time and money on creating plugins that do nothing or do they provide the same level of protection as an “industry standard” plugin?

You can also think about “best WordPress security plugins” in terms of ease of installation and use, not necessarily in terms of their overall level of security. Some plugins will be much easier to install than others but every plugin that delivers on its promise of giving less-privileged users (read: non-Admin users) access to your site will be worth buying.

Comparison Table

The first two posts in this series were about the basic security plugins out there, but also about how you can use them to make your site more secure. This is a follow-up to that and looks at extensions that improve the security of your WordPress site.

We’ve put together a list of all the plugins we cover here and will update it as new ones are released, including our own, on a regular basis.

There are some security plugins out there that aren’t particularly great (we can’t review them because they aren’t open source or freely available), so we also covered some alternatives on our blog. The ones we recommend are:

  • Sucuri
  •  iThemes Security
  • Wordfence
  • Jetpack Security
  • WP Cerber Security

Best WordPress Security Plugins for 2022

The best WordPress security plugins are intended to help you protect your site from brute-force attacks, which can be used to break into your site and steal valuable data. But what about other types of attacks? Like phishing attempts? Or ad-fraud attempts? Or just plain old spamming?

And the answer is: you need plugins for all of them.

Phishing attempts are one of the most common types of attacks in the world today. They are used to trick people into giving up their usernames and passwords; then their sites can be hacked by attackers who post fake ads that come from legitimate sites. It’s a classic example of a sophisticated but very easy-to-use attack vector.

Ad fraud is another popular type of attack, as it is often a bit more subtle than phishing. Some sites may get hacked with this type of attack being a less common occurrence — but it is still an easy way for an attacker to take over your site without ever looking at or registering any content or files on your server.

Spamming is another common type of attack vector — you may have been receiving unsolicited emails that seem to be related to something important (like a link for an article) but in reality come from someone who doesn’t even know how to write the email’s subject line (or even how to send a message). How they found out where you live, what you do, and what interests you may not be obvious at first glance — but they did find out something! And they just want money!

And while there are plenty more threats out there, these are some of the most common ones; if you haven’t already heard about any of them, there’s probably no reason why not!

And so we come full circle; we need plugins for all these types of attacks! And if we are going to make WordPress work better for everyone, then we need plugins that not only keep hackers at bay, but also protect against other threats like phishing and ad fraud too!


In this article, I’ll take a look at some of the most common WordPress security plugins and compare them. While there are a lot of plugins out there, these are the ones that I use myself and would be the ones to recommend to newcomers.

This is a very subjective but fun debate. If you want to learn more about WordPress security, check out our WordPress Securly page for our top recommendations for plugins.

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