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This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to find the URL of your WordPress admin page.

It is so important that you have the correct URL. If you don’t, it’s likely you won’t be able to access your site.

In this post I will show you how to find the URL for your WordPress admin page in three easy steps:

1) Go to your WordPress dashboard and click ‘My Profile’ at the top right hand side. (Remember – this is on Mac users.)

2) Click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Admin’.

3) Under ‘Admin’ (underneath your username or email address), click ‘Show this link.’

Another option is to use the free plugin WP API Link shortcode which has been developed by Barry Padolsky and is available for free for all WordPress users

Where is the WordPress Login Page?

One of the most difficult parts of WordPress is finding the login link, or rather, remembering it once you find it.

There are a number of different ways to do this:

• Go to your WordPress admin panel, then go to “Settings -> Plugins -> Add New” and choose “Login Pages” for a plugin. You will see an initial screen with your login page there. Note that it may be blank at first; that is just fine.

• If you’re using a plugin which automatically redirects you to your login page, you can simply click the “redirect to” option in the menu bar when you’re in front of that plugin’s settings page directly or via the plugin’s settings menu (there may be other plugins). (It’s best to get these options so they work automatically on every login.) The address is usually something like this: https://wordpress-admin.com/login/ . It may be a bit more complicated if you have multiple sites running on one server, but this is usually pretty simple.

• Finally, if none of these worked for a given site, you can use any URL which looks like it might lead to your login page as long as it is not www.wordpress.org . For example: https://wordpress-admin.com/login/wp-login . (That last one works for my WordPress site.)

So there are three different ways to find your username and password: either from within your admin panel or from somewhere else such as http://www2.wordpress.org/support , https://support.wordpress.org/ , etc., or even via an external link on the web itself (such as http://www2.wordpress.org/download/ ). In all cases, it should be easy enough to remember what this URL looks like and what its purpose is — so don’t forget!

How to Easily Remember the WordPress Login URL

It seems like a lot of people on this site know about WordPress, and a lot of people use WordPress. However, if you are one of the few that don’t know how to login using your WordPress username and password, here’s one easy method that you can use to find your WordPress login page.

You’ll need something like Quickbooks (or any accounting software) to log into your site. I used it from my old company, and it worked great for me.

1) Open the website in a browser.

2) Go to http://myemail.mydomain.com/wp-login.php (where mydomain.com is your domain).

3) Click on the link with the text “Log in” or “Sign In”.

4) Enter your username and password as they appear on your site(s), then click on the button that says “Log in”.

5) If all goes well, you should be logged in!

For more information about how to do this, check out our article on How To Easily Log Into Your WordPress Site Using Username And Password .


WordPress provides a way to publish your WordPress site on the web and that makes it a great tool for blogging. But if you are trying to collect people’s attention on your blog, it can be hard to find your WordPress login page. Here’s how to find the WordPress login URL, and an easy way to remember it.

The best way of remembering the login URL is probably by simply typing “wp-login.php” into a browser, then hitting enter. (If you are using Google Chrome, there’s also an easy alternative that works like this: type “wp-login.php?w=” into a browser and hit enter.)

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